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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 44, n°4, juin 2023

  • Stepping stones or trapdoors? Paid and unpaid graduate internships in the creative sector, Wil Hunt & Peter Scott
  • Subject choice motivation and students’ conceptions of employability: thin and thick, Manuel Souto-Otero, Jesus García-Álvarez & Miguel Angel Santos Rego
  • Schools and emergency feeding in a national crisis in the United Kingdom: subterranean class strategies, John Preston
  • The relationship between class-based habitus and choice of university and field of study, Oscar Espinoza, Luis González, Luis Sandoval, Bruno Corradi, Yahira Larrondo, Karina Maldonado & Noel McGinn
  • Getting a head start: capital inheritance and the labour market entry of Finnish business graduates, Nina Haltia, Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret & Heli Mutanen
  • Shaping personal worldviews when neo-liberalism meets Confucianism and patriotism: insights from Chinese postgraduate students, Tengteng Zhuang & Xiangyuan Kong
  • Educational purity and technological danger: understanding scepticism towards the use of telepresence robots in school, Lars E. F. Johannessen, Erik Børve Rasmussen & Marit Haldar
  • A matter of time: differential enactments of institutional time in diversity policy documents, Zakia Essanhaji & Rogier van Reekum
  • Tracking and educational inequality: a longitudinal analysis of two school reforms in Switzerland, Georges Felouzis & Samuel Charmillot
  • Complex reflexivity: practices of women full professors in neoliberalised academia, Isaura Castelao-Huert

Book Review

  • Study gods – How the new Chinese elite prepare for global competition, Achala Gupta (Lecturer)


  • Complaint! Sara Ahmed 2021 Durham, USA: Duke University Press, pp. 376, Gill Crozier

Review Essay

  • From robots who teach to synthetic politics, Lesley Gourlay (Professor of Education)

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