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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 49, n°3, avril 2023

  • Interpreting the effectiveness of academic English writing programmes in higher education: A meta-analysis, Hansol Lee & Jang Ho Lee
  • Expanding educational opportunities or widening learning inequalities? Evidence from national reform of pre-primary education in Ethiopia, Janice Kim & Ricardo Sabates
  • Test anxiety: Is it associated with performance in high-stakes examinations?, John Jerrim
  • Who are the children we teach? Considering identities, place and time-space in education, Lauren Hammond
  • Increasing inclusion for ethnic minority students by teaching the British Empire and global history in the English history curriculum, Andrew Mansfield
  • Education, truth and subjectivity: Revisiting Kierkegaard, Peter Roberts
  • Examining the factors influencing mathematics academic achievement in mainland China: A multilevel analysis, Zhuzhu Xu
  • Vocational education: a poor second choice? A comparison of the labour market outcomes of academic and vocational graduates in China, Geng Wang & Zhonghan Wang

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