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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°2, avril 2023

  • Trajectories of powerful knowledge and epistemic quality: analysing the transformations from disciplines across school subjects, Brian Hudson, Niklas Gericke, Christina Olin-Scheller & Martin Stolare
  • Lesson analysis and plan template: scaffolding preservice teachers’ application of professional knowledge to lesson planning, Adriana Zaragoza, Tina Seidel & Rossella Santagata
  • School history, identity and ethnicity: an examination of the experiences of young adults in England, Saiba Sandhu, Richard Harris & Meggie Copsey-Blake
  • Citizenship education under authoritarian Islamic nationalism: an exploration of teachers’ conceptions of citizenship in Turkey, Kerim Sen
  • Rights, conflict, and removal: depictions of Indigenous groups in Californian and Texan history textbooks, 1836-2019, Nadine Ann Skinner & Patricia Bromley
  • Fostering competence: a narrative case study of developing a two-dimensional curriculum in Denmark, Tomas Højgaard & Jan Sølberg

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