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International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 45, n°4, avril 2023

  • Use of a semiotic-cultural perspective for identifying patterns in students’ drawings about seasonal changes, Italo Testa, Raffaele De Luca Picione & Silvia Galano
  • ‘I didn’t know what I was doing, until I went there’: a case study exploring the range of student STEM internship experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, John Ruppert, Jennifer Ayala, Claude Bamaba, Yosra Badiei & Jeanette Wilmanski
  • Biological evolution learning and computational thinking: Enhancing understanding through integration of disciplinary core knowledge and scientific practice, Dana Christensen & Doug Lombardi
  • An analysis of the nature of science represented in Chinese middle school chemistry textbooks, Yuanze Zhu & Aibin Tang

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