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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 93, n° S1, avril 2023

Thème :  The potiential of biophysiology for understanding motivation, engagement, and learning experiences



  • The potential of biophysiology for understanding motivation, engagement and learning experiences, Andrew J. Martin, Lars-Erik Malmberg, Eija Pakarinen, Lucia Mason, Tim Mainhard

Section 1: Physiological Arousal

  • Improvement in parasympathetic regulation is associated with engagement in classroom activity in primary school children experiencing poor classroom climate, Libera Ylenia Mastromatteo, Marta Peruzza, Sara Scrimin
  • Reading with induced worry: The role of physiological self-regulation and working memory updating in text comprehension, Sonia Zaccoletti, Daniela Raccanello, Roberto Burro, Lucia Mason
  • Affective states and regulation of learning during socio-emotional interactions in secondary school collaborative groups, Tiina Törmänen, Hanna Järvenoja, Mohammed Saqr, Jonna Malmberg, Sanna Järvelä
  • When closeness is effortful: Teachers' physiological activation undermines positive effects of their closeness on student emotions
  • Control, anxiety and test performance: Self-reported and physiological indicators of anxiety as mediators, Anna-Lena Roos, Thomas Goetz, Maike Krannich, Monika Donker, Maik Bieleke, Anna Caltabiano, Tim Mainhard

Section 2: Physical Activity

  • Objectively measured physical activity during primary school physical education predicts intrinsic motivation independently of academic achievement level, Anne G. M. de Bruijn, Johannes W. de Greeff, Taha Y. Temlali, Jaap Oosterlaan, Joanne Smith, Esther Hartman
  • Can you feel the excitement? Physiological correlates of students' self-reported emotions, Elina E. Ketonen, Visajaani Salonen, Kirsti Lonka, Katariina Salmela-Aro
  • Physical activity predicts task-related behaviour, affect and tiredness in the primary school classroom: A within-person experiment, Christina Heemskerk, Steve Strand, Lars-Erik Malmberg
  • Choice matters: Pupils' stress regulation, brain development and brain function in an outdoor education project, Ulrich Dettweiler, Martin Gerchen, Christoph Mall, Perikles Simon, Peter Kirsch

Section 3: Biomarkers of Stress

  • Biophysiological stress markers relate differently to grit and school engagement among lower- and higher-track secondary school students, Frances Hoferichter, Diana Raufelder
  • The dynamic experience of taking an examination: Ever changing cortisol and expectancy for success, Matthew C. Graham, Jenefer Husman, Reinhard Pekrun, Idalis Villanueva, Darcie Christensen
  • Teachers' physiological and self-reported stress, teaching practices and students' learning outcomes in Grade 1, Anna-Liisa Jõgi, Eija Pakarinen, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen


  • Mind and body in students' and teachers' engagement: New evidence, challenges, and guidelines for future research, Reinhard Pekrun

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mot(s) clé(s) :  psychologie de l'éducation, recherche en éducation

catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation