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Encyclopaideia (EnCP)

Référence :  Vol. 27, n°65, avril 2023

Thème :  A new education for the XXI Century?



  • A New Education for the XXI Century?, Enrico Bottero


  • In Search of a Universal Value Base of Education in a Pluralistic School: From Human Rights to Global Ethic and Responsibility, Karmen Mlinar
  • “The Burden of Language”: Building the Educational Alliance with Foreign Families in Parent-Teacher Conferences, Chiara Dalledonne Vandini, Davide Cino
  • A Social Contract for Home Education: A Framework for the Homeschooling Debate, Anna Chinazzi
  • Adults and young people in the mirror between emotional crisis and digital culture. Affective education as a formative bet, Simona Perfetti
  • Female bullying among adolescents in Italy: A national mixed-method research, Antonietta De Vita, Giuseppe Burgio
  • Children’s literature and body awareness: an eight-stage reading between picture books and somatics, Marcella Terrusi
  • Childhood Noir: Pedagogical and Psychoanalytic Alternations in Children’s Fairy Tale, Gianluca Giachery


  • ChatGPT et similia: The potential of the new to be unlocked by the known, Gabriele Boselli


  • Enrico Bottero, Pedagogia cooperativa. Le pratiche Freinet per la scuola di oggi, Armando, Roma, ISBN: 9788869928598, 208 pagine, 2021, Alessandra Augelli

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