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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°1, avril 2023

  • Teaching as a pedagogical responsibility: an introduction, Ninni Wahlström, Ulrika Bossér & Bettina Vogt
  • The call to teach and the ethics of care: a dynamic educational crossroads, David T. Hansen & Yibing Quek
  • The devil’s finest trick: routines that make teachers matter against their better judgement, Anna Sfard
  • Classroom participation: Teachers’ work as listeners, Barbara Comber & Debra Hayes
  • Classroom observation as a means of understanding teaching quality: towards a shared language of teaching?, Kirsti Klette
  • “The king will be corrupt too!” Teaching thinking in bible studies, Ehud Tsemach & Anat Zohar
  • Politics and aesthetics of museum mathematics: the dissensual curriculum of early 21st century mathematics exhibitions, Molly L. Kelton & Ricardo Nemirovsky
  • Curriculum as policy text: shifting the gaze of South African curriculum implementation research, Kerry J Kennedy & David Robinson

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