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British Journal of Educational Studies (BJES)

Référence :  Vol. 71, n°2, avril 2023

  • Covid-19 and the international baccalaureate: a computer-assisted discourse analysis of #IBSCANDAL, Saira Fitzgerald
  • Reining in the international: how state and society localised international schooling in China, Wenxi Wu & Aaron Koh
  • Interrogating systemic inequalities in discourses surrounding academic diaspora and transnational education-driven mobilities: a focus on Vietnam’s higher education, Phan Le Ha
  • Hegelian bildung as an alternative to active learning in childhood education, Saeed Azadmanesh & Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast
  • Understanding the unsettled evidence of the effectiveness of selective education in the value-added approach, Binwei Lu

Book Review

  • Reconsidering Reparations By Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò. Pp 280. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2022, Arathi Sriprakash
  • Educational Equity: Pathways to Success, Edited by Christopher Chapman and Mel Ainscow, Abingdon: Routledge, 2022, Shaun Best
  • Schools, Space and Culinary Capital by Gurpinder Singh Lalli, London: Routledge, 2023, Achala Gupta
  • Learning Whiteness: Education and the Settler Colonial State by Arathi Sriprakash, Sophie Rudolph and Jessica Gerrard, London: Pluto Press, 2022, Simina Dragos

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