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Review of educational research

Référence :  Vol. 93, n°2, avril 2023

  • Mind the Gap Between Comprehension and Metacomprehension: Meta-Analysis of Metacomprehension Accuracy and Intervention Effectiveness, Chunliang Yang, Wenbo Zhao, Bo Yuan, Liang Luo, David R. Shanks
  • Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Bullying: A Systematic Review, Molly Dawes, Colleen Gariton, Angela Starrett, Greysi Irdam, Matthew J. Irvin
  • The Effect of School Tracking on Student Achievement and Inequality: A Meta-Analysis, Éder Terrin, Moris Triventi
  • The Impact of Summer Programs on Student Mathematics Achievement: A Meta-Analysis, Kathleen Lynch, Lily An, Zid Mancenido

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