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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 49, n°2, février 2023

  • Concepts, collaboration, and a company of actors: a Vygotskian model for concept development in the 21st century, Michael Glassman, Tzu-Jung Lin & Seung Yon Ha
  • Student at a distance: exploring the potential and prerequisites of using telepresence robots in schools, Lars E.F. Johannessen, Erik Børve Rasmussen & Marit Haldar
  • The influence of socio-demographics and school factors on GCSE attainment: results from the first record linkage data in Northern Ireland, Erin Early, Sarah Miller, Laura Dunne & John Moriarty
  • Knowledgeable but not specialist: Virtual School Heads’ experiences of supporting autistic children in care, Jennifer Pickles, Sarah Parsons & Hanna Kovshoff
  • ‘We want to, but we can’t’: pre-service teachers’ experiences of learning to teach primary physical education, Vicky Randall
  • The agony of university choice: Broaden horizons, expand participation?, Reinhard A. Weisser
  • ‘Back to the future’: Thinking with Hannah Arendt (1906–1975) and Alec Clegg (1909–1986) on the promise of education, Margaret Wood, Andrew Pennington & Feng Su
  • Analysing English year-one mathematics textbooks through the lens of foundational number sense: A cautionary tale for importers of overseas-authored materials, Jöran Petersson, Judy Sayers, Eva Rosenqvist & Paul Andrews

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