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American Educational Research Journal (AERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°1, février 2023

  • “We Aren’t Only Here to Teach”: Caring Practices of Teachers in the Context of Inclusive Refugee Education in Jordan, Elisheva Cohen
  • Police Stops and School Engagement: Examining Cultural Socialization From Parents and Schools as Protective Factors Among African American Adolescents, Juan Del Toro, Ming-Te Wang
  • Assessing the Effect of Project-Based Learning on Science Learning in Elementary Schools, Joseph Krajcik, Barbara Schneider, Emily Adah Miller, I-Chien Chen, Lydia Bradford
  • Performance or Progress? The Physical and Rhetorical Removal of Indigenous Peoples in Settler Land Acknowledgments at Land-Grab Universities, Theresa Ambo, Theresa Rocha Beardall
  • Combining a Local Comparison Group, a Pretest Measure, and Rich Covariates: How Well Do They Collectively Reduce Bias in Nonequivalent Comparison Group Designs? Seth Brown, Mengli Song, Thomas D. Cook, Michael S. Garet
  • Teacher Preparation Programs and Graduates’ Growth in Instructional Effectiveness, Emanuele Bardelli, Matthew Ronfeldt, John P. Papay

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