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Encyclopaideia (EnCP)

Référence :  Vol. 26, n°64, décembre 2022



  • Towards a pedagogy of imagination, Marco Dallari


  • Traveling, “Drive my Soul”. Shared Narratives and Restitutions of Meaning, Luana Di Profio
  • A Phenomenological Account of School Education. Learning Experience as an Opportunity for the Integral Formation of Individuality, Carmelo Galioto, Bianca Bellini
  • The Non-Fiction Picturebook: Knowing the World as an Integrated Experience, Giorgia Grilli
  • Chronically ill Patients, Life Incidents and Reactive Strategies: A Qualitative Study among Patients Suffering from four Types of Diseases, Followed-up in the North-Eastern of Italy, Natascia Bobbo, Chiara Bottaro, Estella Musacchio
  • Geometry of Relationship. A Pedagogical Reflection on Embodiment Starting from Tact, Antonio Donato, Federico Rovea
  • Heuristic Learning and Sport: Theoretical Lines and Operational Proposals, Tiziana D'Isanto, Gaetano Altavilla, Giovanni Esposito, Francesca D'Elia, Gaetano Raiola


  • Why Reading Towards a Phenomenological Axiology. Discovering What Matters by Roberta De Monticelli: Notes of a Fox who Wanted to be a Hedgehog, Letizia Caronia
  • Freinet pedagogy: the challenges of cognitive psychology and institutional pedagogy, Enrico Bottero


  • Daniele Bruzzone, La vita emotiva, Scholé, Brescia, 192 pagine, 2022, Lodovica Maria Zanet

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