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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°1, janvier 2023


  • Educational equity, academic standards, and countercontrol: Preventing academic deficits with supplemental interdependent rewards, Christopher H. Skinner, Jade Bennett, Robert Richardson, Katie Scott, Laura S. Wheat, James Martinez
  • Fostering social connectedness among adolescents and adults with autism: A qualitative analysis, Olivia Tomfohrde, Rebekah L. Hudock, Kalli B. Kremer, Nusroon Fatiha, Lindsey Weiler
  • Beyond the “I” framework: Improving emotional expression and increasing social connectedness among college athletes through the psychological displacement paradigm in diary-writing, Yawen Hsu, Tesu Yi Lin, Frank J. H. Lu
  • College students' grit, autonomous learning, and well-being: Self-control as a mediator, Leslie Ramos Salazar, Audrey Meador
  • School wellbeing and psychological characteristics of online learning in families of children with and without hearing loss during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bianca Maria Serena Inguscio, Maria Nicastri, Ilaria Giallini, Antonio Greco, Fabio Babiloni, Giulia Cartocci, Patrizia Mancini
  • The effect of phubbing, a behavioral problem, on academic procrastination: The mediating and moderating role of academic self-efficacy, İzzet Parmaksız
  • Exploring the contributions of job resources, job demands, and job self-efficacy to STEM teachers' job satisfaction: A commonality analysis, Jiao Liu, Ke Wang, Zhuo Chen, Zilong Pan
  • A mixed-methods evaluation of the experience of emerging young adult care partners, Allison Marziliano, Allison Applebaum, Samantha Siess, Anne Moyer
  • The mediating effects of metacognition and creative thinking on the relationship between teachers' autonomy support and teachers' self-efficacy, Şenol Orakci, Mehmet Durnali
  • Evidence of efficacy of the Integrated Literacy Study Group professional learning program to enhance reading instruction for students with emotional and behavioral disorders, Gregory J. Benner, Marissa J. Filderman, Lucy Barnard-Brak, Jordan Pennefather, Jean Louise M. Smith, Lisa A. Strycker
  • Transfer of PREPaRE school crisis training: Moderating effects of trainee characteristics, Timothy W. Parks, Amanda B. Nickerson, Stephanie S. Fredrick, Sandro M. Sodano
  • Network-related teaching and changes in classroom seating, Jake C. Steggerda, Samantha J. Gregus, James T. Craig, Hali McMillan, Timothy A. Cavell
  • Early cognitive and home environmental predictors of reading fluency and reading comprehension in Turkish-speaking children, Cevriye Ergül, Meral Çilem Ökcün-Akçamuş, Gözde Akoğlu, Seher Yalçın, Burcu Kılıç Tülü, Zeynep Bahap Kudret
  • School-based racial microaggressions and depression among Indigenous young adults, Olivia G. Holter, Anisa N. Goforth, Kristen Pyke-Pierce, Lisa N. Aguilar, Annie Belcourt

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