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International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 44, n°18, décembre 2022

  • Developing an inquiry-based laboratory curriculum to engage students in planning investigations and argumentation, Pei-Shan Chang, Sheng-Han Lee & Meichun Lydia Wen
  • Using activity theory as an analytical lens to conceptualise a framework for fostering interdisciplinary science habits in postsecondary students, Hagar Ibrahim Labouta, Jennifer D. Adams, Max Anikovskiy, Natasha A. Kenny, Leslie Reid & David T. Cramb
  • Combining real and virtual activities about electrostatic interactions in primary school, Giacomo Bozzo, Victor Lopez, Digna Couso & Francesca Monti
  • Preparing to teach in informal settings: preservice science teachers’ experiences in a natural history museum, Duygu Sönmez & Nilay Öztürk
  • Life Sciences teachers’ practices of informal formative assessment in inquiry-based teaching, Umesh Ramnarain, Thandiwe Dlamini, Garima Bansal & Thasmai Dhurumraj
  • How do cohesion features inform science instruction for English learners?: A comparison study of digital and printed science texts, GoMee Park, Yafei Ye & Ray J.T. Liao
  • Effectiveness of a contextualised and integrated approach to improving and retaining preservice teachers’ views of the nature of science, Cristina Cobo, Ana-María Abril & Marta Romero-Ariza

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