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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°6, décembre 2022

  • Comparing principal autonomy in time and space: modelling school leaders’ decision making and control, Wieland Wermke, Maria Jarl, Tine Sophie Prøitz & Daniel Nordholm
  • Teaching Racial History: Enacting Curriculum in Discretionary Spaces, Abby Reisman & Lightning Jay
  • Achieving excellence and equality in mathematics: two degrees of freedom?, William H. Schmidt, Tao Xin, Siwen Guo & Xuran Wang
  • The hidden curriculum of temporal organization: an empirical comparison of classroom and workshop practices, Gerd Johansen & Kristin Solli
  • Teaching and learning how to handle tools and machines in vocational educational workshop sessions, Stig-Börje Asplund, Nina Kilbrink & Hamid Asghari
  • Teachers’ sense-making and adapting of the national curriculum: a multiple case study in Turkish and Swedish contexts, Nilay T. Bümen & Mona Holmqvist
  • Overwhelming whiteness: a critical analysis of race in a scripted reading curriculum, Amanda Rigell, Arianna Banack, Amy Maples, Judson Laughter, Amy Broemmel, Nora Vines & Jennifer Jordan

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