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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  vol. 57, n°4, décembre 2022

Thème :  Futures of artificial intelligence in education

  • Charting the futures of artificial intelligence in education, Ilkka Tuomi, Wayne Holmes, Riel Miller
  • Making the futures of AI in education: Why and how imagining the future matters, Riel Miller, Ilkka Tuomi
  • State of the art and practice in AI in education, Wayne Holmes, Ilkka Tuomi
  • Ceci n'est pas une école: Discourses of artificial intelligence in education through the lens of semiotic analytics, Paulo Blikstein, Yipu Zheng, Karen Zhuqian Zhou
  • Still w(AI)ting for the automation of teaching: An exploration of machine learning in Swedish primary education using Actor-Network Theory, Katarina Sperling, Linnéa Stenliden, Jörgen Nissen, Fredrik Heintz
  • Artificial intelligence, 21st century competences, and socio-emotional learning in education: More than high-risk?, Ilkka Tuomi
  • The future of AI and education: Some cautionary notes, Neil Selwyn
  • Towards hybrid human-AI learning technologies, Inge Molenaar
  • Third space workers in higher education in times of dislocated complexity, Kay Livingston, Lorraine Ling
  • The transition from higher education to first employment in Spain, Encarnación Cordón-Lagares, Félix García-Ordaz, Juan José García-del-Hoyo
  • Partnership of schools and civil society organisations to support education of students of varied linguistic backgrounds—The situation in the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain, Janet Wolf, Raquel Casado-Muñoz, Francesca Pedone

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