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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 92, n°4, décembre 2022

  • Undergraduates’ academic socialization. A cross-time analysis, Maria Luisa Farnese, Paola Spagnoli, Stefano Livi
  • The role of need for cognition (NfC) in the effect of language modalities on integrated writing performance, Choo Mui Cheong, Xinhua Zhu, Yaping Liu
  • Educational psychological provision in Irish-medium primary schools in indigenous Irish language speaking communities (Gaeltacht): Views of teachers and educational psychologists, Lelia Murtagh, Ailsa Seoighe
  • Experiences of peer victimization and teacher support in secondary school predict university enrolment 5 years later: Role of school engagement, Eva Grew, Gülseli Baysu, Rhiannon N. Turner
  • Using Personal-Disclosure Mutual-Sharing (PDMS) with first-year undergraduate students transitioning to higher education, Andrew L. Evans, Matthew J. Slater, Martin J. Turner
  • Fraction mapping and fraction comparison skills among grade 4 Chinese students: An error analysis, Sabrina M. Di Lonardo Burr, Chang Xu, Hongxia Li, Jiwei Si, Jo-Anne LeFevre, Yangyang Wang
  • Social withdrawal and academic achievement, intertwined over years? Bidirectional effects from primary to upper secondary school, Frode Stenseng, Eivind B. Tingstad, Lars Wichstrøm, Vera Skalicka
  • Factors and experiences that influence school mobility for autistic students: A systematic review, Hayley Mitchelson, Dawn Adams, Kate Simpson
  • When closeness is effortful: Teachers’ physiological activation undermines positive effects of their closeness on student emotions, Tim Mainhard, Monika H. Donker, Tamara van Gog
  • Motivation towards novel learning content: Perceived similarity of learning content, but not need for cognition, moderates the generalization of motivation, Julia Gorges, Leonie Christina Schmidt
  • Co-developmental trajectories of parental involvement: Relations to academic achievement and externalizing and internalizing problems among Chinese elementary schoolchildren, Nan Guo, Eugene Scott Huebner, Lili Tian
  • Teacher–student relationships and adolescents’ school satisfaction: Behavioural engagement as a mechanism of change, Xu Jiang, Dexin Shi, Lue Fang, Raul Corrêa Ferraz
  • The role of the classroom learning environment in students’ mathematics anxiety: A scoping review, Gabrielle O’Hara, Heather Kennedy, Michael Naoufal, Tina Montreuil
  • Educational achievement and bullying: The mediating role of psychological difficulties, Daráine Murphy, Sophie J. Leonard, Laura K. Taylor, Flavia H. Santos
  • Reducing gender differences in student motivational-affective factors: A meta-analysis of school-based interventions, Kaley Lesperance, Sarah Hofer, Jan Retelsdorf, Doris Holzberger
  • Subjective wellbeing and emotion regulation strategies: How are they associated with student engagement in online learning during Covid-19?, Karen C. H. Zhoc, Yuyang Cai, S. S. Yeung, Jianguo Shan
  • Developing and validating a university needs instrument to measure the psychosocial needs of university students, Richard Tindle, Paola Castillo, Natalie Doring, Leigh Grant, Royce Willis
  • Mothers' and fathers' views on the importance of play for their children's development: Gender differences, academic activities, and the parental role, Gillian M. Waters, Georgina R. Tidswell, Eleanor J. Bryant
  • Motivational development in times of campus closure: Longitudinal trends in undergraduate students' need satisfaction and intrinsic learning motivation, Stefan Janke, Laura A. S. Messerer, Martin Daumiller
  • This is the way: Network perspective on targets for spatial ability development programmes, Maxim Likhanov, Ekaterina Maslennikova, Giulio Costantini, Anna Budakova, Elena Esipenko, Victoria Ismatullina, Yulia Kovas
  • How does parental involvement matter for children's academic achievement during school closure in primary school?, Xiao Yu, Yinghe Chen, Chunliang Yang, Xiujie Yang, Xin Chen, Xixi Dang
  • Children's anxiety, academic self-efficacy, and intergenerational transmission of worries regarding the transition to middle school, Cornelia Măirean, Alexandra S. Zancu, Loredana R. Diaconu-Gherasim
  • Teaching presence predicts cyberloafing during online learning: From the perspective of the community of inquiry framework and social learning theory, Yamei Zhang, Yuan Tian, Liangshuang Yao, Changying Duan, Xiaojun Sun, Gengfeng Niu
  • A weekly-diary study of students' schoolwork motivation and parental support, Yao Wu, Peter Hilpert, Harriet Tenenbaum, Terry Ng-Knight
  • Can different physical education programs produce specific developments in psychological responses and cognitive functions? An ecological intervention in school-age children, Josune Rodríguez-Negro, Johannes Arto Pesola, Javier Yanci

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mot(s) clé(s) :  psychologie de l'éducation, recherche en éducation

catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation