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American Educational Research Journal (AERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 59, n°6, décembre 2022

  • Principal Leadership for School-Wide Transformation of Elementary Mathematics Teaching: Why the Principal’s Conception of Teacher Learning Matters, Elham Kazemi, Alison Fox Resnick, Lynsey Gibbons
  • Understanding the Relationship of Science and Mathematics Place-Based Workforce Development on Adolescents’ Motivation and Rural Aspirations, Angela Starrett, Matthew J. Irvin, Christine Lotter, Jan A. Yow
  • Examining Human and Automated Ratings of Elementary Students’ Writing Quality: A Multivariate Generalizability Theory Application, Dandan Chen, Michael Hebert, Joshua Wilson
  • The Imposition of Instrumental Research Use: How School and District Practitioners Enact Their State’s Evidence Requirements, Lauren Yoshizawa
  • The Efficacy of Digital Media Resources in Improving Children’s Ability to Use Informational Text: An Evaluation of Molly of Denali From PBS KIDS, Joy Lorenzo Kennedy, Claire G. Christensen, Tiffany Salone Maxon, Sarah Nixon Gerard
  • The Politics of Progressivity: Court-Ordered Reforms, Racial Difference, and School Finance Fairness, Zachary W. Oberfield, Bruce D. Baker

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