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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 59, n°12, décembre 2022

Thème :  Embedding Equity into School Mental Health Theory

  • Embedding equity into school mental health theory: Introduction to Part 2 of the special issue series, Larissa Gaias, Janine Jones, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Joni Splett, Whitney Walker
  • Expanding notions of equity: Body diversity and social justice, Stephanie McCullough Campbell MS
  • Applying an ecosocial framework to address racial disparities in suicide risk among black youth, Daniel R. Cohen, Michael A. Lindsey, John E. Lochman
  • Engaging peers to promote well-being and inclusion of newcomer students: A call for equity-informed peer interventions, Claire V. Crooks, Nataliya Kubishyn, Amira Noyes, Gina Kayssi
  • Applying a MTSS framework to address racism and promote mental health for racial/ethnic minoritized youth, Celeste M. Malone, Kirby Wycoff, Erlanger A. Turner
  • Centering trauma-informed approaches in schools within a social justice framework, Whitney Davis, Lea Petrovic, Kathleen Whalen, Laura Danna, Karaline Zeigler, Avery Brewton, Maureen Joseph, Courtney N. Baker, Stacy Overstreet, and the New Orleans Trauma-Informed Learning Collaborative
  • Adapting strategies to promote implementation reach and equity (ASPIRE) in school mental health services, Larissa M. Gaias, Kimberly T. Arnold, Freda F. Liu, Michael D. Pullmann, Mylien T. Duong, Aaron R. Lyon
  • Reducing racial and ethnic disproportionality in school discipline through an assessment-to-intervention process: A framework and process, Michael D. Pullmann, Larissa M. Gaias, Mylien T. Duong, Tara Gill, Caryn Curry, Colleen Cicchetti, Tali Raviv, Sharon Kiche, Clayton R. Cook
  • Understanding and addressing racial stress and trauma in schools: A pathway toward resistance and healing, Farzana T. Saleem, Tyrone C. Howard, Audra K. Langley

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