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Encyclopaideia (EnCP)

Référence :  Vol. 26, n°63, septembre 2022

  • Counterfactual pedagogy, Roberto Farné
  • Crises time: an opportunity to rise up against injustice and structural inequalities. Fighting alongside parents for a better world through new forms of school-family co-participation, Paola Dusi, Audrey Addi-Raccah, Maria Mendel
  • Time to rethink the teacher-family alliance? Central issues in the “pandemic” literature on home-school cooperation, Paola Dusi, Audrey Addi-Raccah
  • Spanish education policy in pandemic times. Decisions and consequences for families and students from an inclusive perspective, Inmaculada González Falcón, Katia Álvarez Díaz
  • Home-School Partnership in Germany: Expectations, Experiences and Current Challenges, Angelika Paseka, Dagmar Killus
  • Parents as “Subjects”. Revisiting Parent-Adult Educator Relations in Viral Times, Carmel Borg
  • Parents, crises and beyond. Towards school as a shared place and a more-than-human world, Maria Mendel
  • Educational Trajectories in Hannah Arendt: Perspectives on the Uniqueness and Unpredictability of Action, Marta Ilardo
  • Verso un’assiologia fenomenologica. A proposito dell’ultimo libro di Roberta de Monticelli, Dario Sacchi
  • Educational Research and Philosophy between Aisthesis and Téchne: A Dialogue with the Philosopher Pietro Montani, Cristina Coccimiglio


  • Jones Irwin, Letterio Todaro (eds.), Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education in Contemporary Context. From Italy to the World, Peter Lang, Lausanne, ISBN 9781800796911, 200 pagine, 2022, Peter Mayo
  • Elena Mancino, Il filo nascosto. Gli abiti come parole del nostro discorso col mondo, Franco Angeli, Milano, ISBN 9788835119524, 134 pagine, 2021, Silvia Vergani

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