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British Journal of Special Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 49, n°3, septembre 2022

  • Deconstructing insider–outsider researcher positionality, Hanin Bukamal
  • Playing to learn: Learning to TALK, Julia Lindley-Baker, Laura Mills
  • Investigating the relationship between learning channel sets during the mathematical practice of autistic students, Athanasios Vostanis, Ciara Padden, Peter E. Langdon
  • Evaluating the use of reasonable adjustment plans for students with a specific learning difficulty, Suzy Beck
  • Phonological patterns in Greek language in toddlers and children with Down syndrome and children with language impairment, Dimitra Katsarou, Georgia Andreou
  • Perspectives of college students' attitudes and knowledge about people with disabilities, Diane M. Harnek Kegan, Cynthia M. Vejar, Lisa A. Martinelli Beasley
  • ‘Be prepared and give it a go!’ Transitions into further education for learners with additional learning needs, Rhiannon Packer, Emily Abbinett, Emily Morris
  • Points from the SENCo-Forum: SENCOs in a trust-led school system: time for a policy wake-up call, Christopher Robertson
  • Reaching the unseen children: Practical strategies for closing stubborn attainment gaps in disadvantaged groups, Gaye Tyler-Merrick
  • Reaching the Unseen Children: practical strategies for closing stubborn attainment gaps in disadvantaged groups, Hannah Roberts

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