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British Journal of Special Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 49, n°2, juin 2022



  • Editorial: a call to scholars, Graham Hallett, Fiona Hallet

Original Articles

  • ‘What was required above all else was collaboration’: keeping the momentum for SEND partnership working in the wake of Covid-19, Beate Hellawell, Sharon Smith, Julie Wharton
  • How did autistic children, and their parents, experience school transition during the Covid-19 pandemic?, Aimee Code, Laura Fox, Kathryn Asbury, Umar Toseeb
  • Using Activity Theory to explore the management of General Certificate of Education (GCSE) access arrangements, Amanda Hipkiss, Kevin A. Woods
  • Research priority setting with parents of students with learning exceptionalities and disabilities, Jennifer Baumbusch, Jennifer E. V. Lloyd
  • Predicting word and pseudoword reading in Arabic-speaking children: the independent contributions of phonological and morphological awareness and visual attention, Smail Layes, Torkia Bouakkaz
  • Cost-effective models for delivering behaviour analysis teaching in UK schools and local authorities, Susan McCandless, Marguerite Hoerger
  • Peer-reading racetracks for word reading of low-achieving graduating students with learning disabilities and behavioural problems, Anne Barwasser, Kerstin Nobel, Matthias Grünke

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