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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 43, n°5

  • The standard school-ready child: the social organization of ‘school-readiness’, Josefine Jahreie
  • Parental social class and GCSE attainment: Re-reading the role of ‘cultural capital’, Sarah Stopforth & Vernon Gayle
  • The symbolic gift of education in migrant families and compromises in school choice, Sara Forsberg
  • Reconfiguring the relationship between ‘immigrant parents’ and schools in the post-welfare society. The case of Germany, Mechtild Gomolla & Ellen Kollender
  • Qualifications, quality, and habitus: using Bourdieu to investigate inequality in policies for early childhood educators, Jen Jackson
  • The class-related educational strategies and national capital of Polish migrants in the UK (England), Przemysław Sadura
  • ‘Not like me’: educational aspirations and mothering in an urban poor neighbourhood in India, Sriti Ganguly
  • Learning to walk the wire: preparing students for precarious life, Alison Taylor
  • Reproducing privilege through whiteness and beauty: an intersectional analysis of elite Chilean university students’ practices, Paulina Rodríguez & Louise Archer

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