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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 48, n°4, aout 2022

  • Parental expectations of children’s higher education participation in Australia, Alfred M. Dockery, Paul Koshy, Ian W. Li
  • School closures and educational attainment in Ethiopia: Can extra classes help children to catch up?, Fiona Carmichael, Christian K. Darko, Shireen Kanji, Nicholas Vasilakos
  • Enacting whole-school relationships and sexuality education in England: Context matters, Sara Bragg, Ruth Ponsford, Rebecca Meiksin, Maria Lohan, G.J. Melendez-Torres, Alison Hadley, Honor Young, Christine Anne Barter, Bruce Taylor, Chris Bonell
  • How epistemic reflexivity enables teacher educators’ teaching for diversity: Exploring a pedagogical framework for critical thinking
  • Jo Lunn Brownlee, Terri Bourke, Leonie Rowan, Mary Ryan, Peter Churchward, Sue Walker, Lyra L’Estrange, Anita Berge, Eva Johansson
  • SATs, sets and allegations of bias: The allocation of 11-year-old students to mathematics sets in some English schools in 2015. A response to Connolly et al., 2019, Roger Gomm
  • The role of achievement, gender, SES, location and policy in explaining the Indigenous gap in high-school completion
  • Melissa Schellekens, Joseph Ciarrochi, Anthony Dillon, Baljinder Sahdra, Robert Brockman, Janet Mooney, Philip Parker, 
  • Boarding schools: A longitudinal examination of Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous boarders’ and non-boarders’ wellbeing,  Anthony Dillon, Rhonda G. Craven, Jiesi Guo, Alexander S. Yeung, Janet Mooney, Alicia Franklin, Rob Brockman
  • The sensorium and fleshy schools, Damien Page, Kay Sidebottom
  • Pages: 771-784 First Published:22 March 2022
  • How teachers understand and strategize about emerging conflicts, Kristoffer Larsson, Ilse Hakvoort, Agneta Lundström
  • A critical consideration of ‘mental health and wellbeing’ in education: Thinking about school aims in terms of wellbeing, Brahm Norwich, Darren Moore, Lauren Stentiford, Dave Hall
  • Does study abroad affect student academic achievement?, Chiamaka Nwosu

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation