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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 59, n°7, Juillet 2022

Thème :  Best practices in assessment of autism spectrum disorder

  • Collaborative approaches to autism spectrum disorder assessment, Bri‚ttany A. Dale and Melissa A. Bray
  • Bayley-4 performance of very young children with autism, developmental delay, and language impairment, Bri‚ttany A. Dale, Jacqueline M. Caemmerer, Emily L. Winter and Alan S. Kaufman
  • Assessment of students with autism spectrum disorder for emergency response planning, Heather A. Kwolek, Adeline Bray, Alyssa M. Bunyea, Erin DeMaio, Melissa Bray and Karen O‚ttone-Cross
  • Increasing resources for autism evaluationon and support for under-resourced schools through a state-wide school telehealth initiative, Jeffrey D. Shahidullah, Meredith Brinster, Puja Patel, Mariel Cannady, Ankita Krishnan, Hani Talebi and Nithya Mani
  • Identidication of autism spectrum disorder and interprofessional collaboration between school and clinical settings, Lauren Gardner, Jonathan M. Campbell, Callie Gilchrest, Maryellen B. McClain and Jeff rey D. Shahidullah
  • Exploring telehealth during COVID for assessing autism spectrum disorder in a diverse sample, Katherine K.M. Stavropoulos, Michelle Heyman, Giselle Salinas, Elizabeth Baker and Jan Blacher
  • Standardized administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition across treatment settings, Stephanie Luallin, David Hulac and April A. Pratt
  • Interdisciplinary teams: A model to support students with autism, Megan Kunze and Wendy Machalicek
  • Investigating the effects of perceived student gender on primary school teachers' recognition of autism, Tanwen B. Ward, Cate Curtis and Sabine Seehagen
  • Individualizing the autism assessment process: A framework for school psychologists, Marilyn J. Monteiro
  • An ecologically valid understanding of executive functioning, Elissa M. Monteiro
  • Assessing students in foster care fo autism disorders, Laura J. Dilly and Alexis Pavlov
  • Assessment of adaptive behavior in autism spectrum disorder, Celine A. Saulnier, Cheryl Klaiman
  • Cultural considerations for conducting autism assessment with Asian American and Pacific Islander students, Dieu M. Truong, Alexandra M. Barth, Sarah S. Mire, Mycah L. Ayala, Ashley N. Ramclam, Samantha X. L. Tan and Shannon L. McKee
  • Autism disparities for Black children: Acknowledging and addressing the problem through culturally responsive and socially just assessment practices, Ashley N. Ramclam, Dieu M. Truong, Sarah S. Mire, Kimberly D. Smoots, Morgan M. McNeel, Georgina J. Sakyi and Fre'Dasia M. Daniels
  • Best practice assessments for autism spectrum disorders in schools, Kourtney Christopher and Catherine Lord

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