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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 48, n°3, mai 2022

  • A capability approach to understanding academic and socio-emotional outcomes of students with special educational needs in Ireland, Georgiana Mihut, Selina McCoy & Bertrand Maître
  • Virtue as a response to pandemic and crisis, Daniel Moulin-Stożek, Nomisha Kurian & Afrodita Nikolova
  • Interconnected learning between university and the workplace: a socio-cultural perspective of graduate employability in the UK, Paul Orsmond, Stephen Merry & Kevin Reiling
  • Trends in educational stratification during China’s Great Transformation, Rob J. Gruijters
  • Gender stereotyping in mothers’ and teachers’ perceptions of boys’ and girls’ mathematics performance in Ireland, Selina McCoy, Delma Byrne & Pat O’Connor
  • How an educational experiment creates motivating conditions for children to role-play a child-initiated PlayWorld, Marilyn Fleer
  • The marginalised few: reflections from the lived experiences of forced displaced academics in Turkish academia, Kürşat Arslan & Ali Çağatay Kılınç
  • Pedagogical practice and students’ perceptions of fully online flipped instruction during COVID-19, Wulin Ma & Qin Luo

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