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Philosophical Inquiry in Education

Référence :  Vol. 29, n°1, mars 2022

Thème :  Education after COVID

  • Education after COVID, Introduction (Special Issue), Lauren Bialystok
  • Promoting Critical Thinking in Anti-Critical Thinking Times: Lessons from COVID, Nicholas C. Burbules
  • When the Façade of the Normal Falls Awa, Kal Alston
  • Demoralization and Re-moralization: The Power of Creating Space for Teachers’ Moral Centers, Doris Santoro, Julia Hazel
  • Pandemic Resurrection: Making Gendered Citizenship Visible in a "Postfeminist" Era, Kathleen Knight Abowitz, Andrea Bennett-Kinne
  • Higher Education and Dilemmas of Deinstitutionalization, Christopher Martin, Andrew Pulvermacher
  • Homeschooling Reconsidered, James Dwyer
  • COVID-19 and Remote Learning: The Home and the School, Norm Friesen
  • Teaching, Enacting, and Sustaining Hope in the Shadow of COVID-19, Sarah Stitzlein
  • Enhancing Educational Evaluation by Incorporating Side Effects, Francis Schrag
  • Moral Character Education after COVID-19: An Interview, Randall Curren, Zachary Barber, Richard M. Ryan
  • Childhood after COVID: Children’s interests in a flourishing childhood and a more communal childrearing, Anca Gheaus
  • Perceiving the Limits, Or: What a Pandemic Has Shown Us About the Climate Crisis, Claudia W. Ruitenberg, Elisa Rathje

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