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Encyclopaideia (EnCP)

Référence :  Vol. 26, n°62, mai 2022



  • Attualità di un'idea, venticinque anni dopo, Daniele Bruzzone
  • Portrait of the exiled intellectual. Edward Said and critical thinking education, Gianluca Giachery
  • A window to the outside: The Reading Group as defense, meeting and resistance An exploratory study of the experience of reading groups during the first lockdown (March-May 2020), Maria Elena Scotti, Jole Orsenigo
  • “Raking and reasoning about it”: bridges between John Dewey’s Art as Experience and the Reggio Emilia Approach, Cristiana Prestianni
  • Pedagogical responsibility and education for democratic and digital citizenship: literature’s democratic potential in a liquid society, Angela Arsena
  • Bridging the Pedagogical Gap Between Operational and Contextual Affordances with Social Media, Wilson Otchie, Emanuele Bardone, Margus Pedaste
  • Being an educator for developing age subjects, having experienced their mother’s femicide. Constitutive elements for a pedagogy of bereavement, Maria Rita Mancaniello
  • Values and religious experience: for an intercultural dialogue according to Viktor E. Frankl’s perspective, Carlo Macale


  • The Teacher: Solid Presence and Fine Sensitivity, Raffaele Beretta Piccoli


  • Marco Dallari, La zattera della bellezza, Il Margine Erickson, Trento, ISBN 9791259820044, 310 pagine, 2021, Mariangela Giusti

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