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Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 10, n°1, avril 2022

  • Responding to research evidence in Parliament: A case study on selective education policy, Alan Bainbridge, Tom Troppe, Joanne Bartley
  • Practical implementation of inclusive preschool education in Ukraine, Tetiana S. Kalinina, Antonina V. Karnaukhova, Marina A. Mashovets, Tetiana M. Shvaliuk, Olha A. Telna
  • The role of colour coding of educational materials when studying grammatical categories of the Ukrainian language by foreign students, Inna Zavaruieva, Larysa Bondarenko, Olha Fedko
  • The future of Ukrainian EFL professional education: Certificates of excellence or certificates of attendance, Valentyna P. Bulakh, Svitlana I. Shandruk
  • Dynamics of professional motivation of technical university students, Irina V. Demchenko, Oleg N. Demchenko
  • Officers' foreign language training in educational and information environment of the Higher Military Educational Institution, Vasyl Osodlo, Vitalii Rakhmanov, Viktoriia Krykun, Nataliya Tarasenko, Marharyta Aristarkhova
  • Higher education institution: Distance learning and modern communicative opportunities, Iryna Grytsenko, Nataliia Borysenko, Nataliia Sydorenko, Viktoriya Vashchuk, Iia Valuieva
  • Virtual learning anxiety: A case study of Pedagogical University (Ukraine), Olga Goncharova, Alina Maslova, Svitlana Kirsanova, Alona Rutkovska, Yulia Yehorova
  • Pre-service English teachers’ understanding about preparing to teach reading skills in secondary schools, Barry Lee Reynolds, Melissa H. Yu, Mo Li
  • Quality management in higher education: Developing the methodology on the basis of total quality management, Liudmyla V. Krymets, Oleksandr H. Saienko, Olha O. Bilyakovska, Oleg Yu. Zakharov, Dora H. Ivanova
  • Professional training of future engineers-teachers: The societal needs of modern educational technologies introduction, Viktoriia Kuleshova, Natalia Aksakova, Svitlana Malazoniia, Serhii Kovalenko
  • Establishing a centre for evidence-informed practice within a school: Lessons from the Research and Evidence Centre, Iro Konstantinou
  • Teaching for mastery in primary mathematics: A study of translating research into policy and practice, Alf Coles, Rachel Helme
  • The Teaching and Learning Toolkit: Communicating research evidence to inform decision-making for policy and practice in education, Steve Higgins, Maria Katsipataki, Alaidde Berenice Villanueva Aguilera, Emma Dobson, Louise Gascoine, Taha Rajab, Jonathan Reardon, Jade Stafford, Germaine Uwimpuhwe
  • The development of education research in ex-Soviet states, Liudmyla Mashtaler, Stephen Gorard
  • A systematic review of augmented reality in chemistry education, Alex Mazzuco, Aliane Loureiro Krassmann, Eliseo Reategui, Raquel Salcedo Gomes
  • Making the case for project-based learning: An examination of research evidence translation and mobilisation in education, Joel R. Malin, Gul Muhammad Rind
  • Reading wars or reading reconciliation? A critical examination of robust research evidence, curriculum policy and teachers' practices for teaching phonics and reading, Dominic Wyse, Alice Bradbury
  • Trends of WoS educational research articles in the last half-century, Cemal Tosun
  • Identifying service users' experience of the education, health and care plan process: A systematic literature review, Anila Ahad, Angela M. Thompson, Katherine E. Hall
  • Teachers' and school leaders' sensemaking of formal achievement data: A conceptual review, Evelyn Goffin, Rianne Janssen, Jan Vanhoof
  • Reciprocal Reading for struggling readers: An exemplar of evidence implementation in schools, Maria Cockerill, Joanne O'Keeffe, Allen Thurston, Andy Taylor
  • Global trends of the Common European Framework of Reference: A bibliometric analysis, Farah Hussan Sahib, Mahani Stapa
  • Using research to inform practice through research-practice partnerships: A systematic literature review, Simon Sjölund, Jannika Lindvall, Maria Larsson, Andreas Ryve
  • What makes a good educational research summary? A comparative judgement study of mathematics teachers' and mathematics education researchers' views, Lucy Rycroft-Smith, Andreas J. Stylianides
  • The impact of a preparatory science of learning intervention in secondary schools contexts in Australia, Terry Byers, Vicky Leighton, Jack Leggett, Alex Krzensk, Rebecca Adamson, Christopher Pollock, Stephanie MacMahon
  • Assessing the range and evidence-base of interventions in a cluster of schools, Jane Pegram, Richard C. Watkins, Marguerite Hoerger, John Carl Hughes
  • Learning how to learn—Implementing self-regulated learning evidence into practice in higher education: Illustrations from diverse disciplines, Stephanie J. MacMahon, Annemaree Carroll, Alexandra Osika, Angelique Howell
  • Knowledge brokering to bridge the research-practice gap in education: Where are we now?, Lucy Rycroft-Smith
  • From evidence-informed to evidence-based: An evidence building framework for education, Kaydee L. Owen, Richard C. Watkins, J. Carl Hughes
  • Coaching early childhood teachers: A systematic review of its effects on teacher instruction and child development, Weipeng Yang, Runke Huang, Yufen Su, Jie Zhu, Wu-Ying Hsieh, Hui Li
  • Fidelity to participants when researching multilingual language teachers: A systematic review, Raees Calafato
  • A systematic narrative review of subjective well-being promotion intervention programmes in the school setting, María Josefina Chuecas, Jaime Alfaro, Mariavictoria Benavente, Loreto Ditzel
  • Active learning promotes more positive attitudes towards the course: A meta-analysis, Özgür Tutal, Taha Yazar

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