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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 48, n°22, mars 2022

  • The educational competence of the European Court of Human Rights: judicial pedagogies of religious symbols in classrooms, Nigel Fancourt
  • A validation study for a short-version scale to assess 21st century skills in flipped EFL classrooms, Hanwei Tang, Liqun Mao, Fuyan Wang & Hong Zhang
  • Mathematics curriculum waves within vocational education, Diane Dalby & Andrew Noyes
  • Gender differences in students’ perceptions of teacher and peer feedback in mathematics: lessons from Denmark, Bent Sortkær & David Reimer
  • Rethinking the purposes of teacher education: an exploratory study of Aotearoa New Zealand and Taiwan, Hui-Chin Yeh & Leechin Heng
  • What to learn? Curricular interest among socially vulnerable students, Daniel Araneda, Zvi Bekerman, María Rojas & Miguel Nussbaum
  • The association between social goals and academic variables in school: a systematic review, Naska Goagoses & Ute Koglin
  • ‘Closing the gap’: the conditions under which children in care are most likely to catch up in mainstream schools, Ian Sinclair, John Fletcher, Aoife O’Higgins, Nikki Luke & Sally Thomas

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