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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°6, décembre 2021

Thème :  Kant on Education and Improvement

  • Preface, Paul Standish
  • Kant on education and improvement: Themes and problems, Martin Sticker, David Bakhurst
  • Kant on wonder as the motive to learn, Melissa Zinkin
  • Reflection and synthesis: How moral agents learn and moral cultures evolve, Joanna Burch-Brown
  • Kant on thinking for oneself and with others—the ethical a priori, openness and diversity, Martin Sticker
  • On trying too hard: A Kantian interpretation of misguided moral striving, Mavis Biss
  • Kant on revolution as a sign of moral progress, Sacha Golob
  • Kant's moral catechism revisited, Courtney Morris
  • Kant, casuistry and casuistical questions, Rudolf Schuessler
  • A Kantian approach to education for moral sensitivity, Paul Formosa
  • Human nature, reason and morality, David Bakhurst
  • Kantian moral education for the future of humanity: The climate change challenge, Ewa Wyrębska-Đermanović
  • Shadow students in Georgia: A Kantian condemnation, Melissa Seymour Fahmy
  • Kant's doctrine of education and the problem of artificial intelligence, Leonid Kornilaev
  • Towards a Kantian theory of philosophical education and wisdom: With the help of Hannah Arendt, Helga Varden
  • Discipline and the cultivation of autonomy in Immanuel Kant and Maria Montessori, Patrick R. Frierson
  • Sociability and education in Kant and Hessen, Mikhail Zagirnyak
  • The Kantian origins of Sergei Rubinstein's theory of moral improvement, Nina A. Dmitrieva
  • Batteux, Kant and Schiller on fine art and moral education, Aviv Reiter, Ido Geige

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mot(s) clé(s) :  philosophie de l'éducation