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Educational Researcher (ER)

Référence :  Vol. 51, n°1, janvier/février 2022

  • Determinants of Ethnic Differences in School Modality Choices During the COVID-19 Crisis, Andrew M. Camp, Gema Zamarro
  • A Comparison of Academic Outcomes in Courses Taught With Open Educational Resources and Publisher Content, Linda Bol, Monica Christina Esqueda, Diane Ryan, Sue C. Kimmel
  • Deurbanization and the Struggle to Sustain a Black Teaching Corps: Evidence From Michigan, Steven Drake, Joshua Cowen
  • Sometimes Less, Sometimes More: Trends in Career and Technical Education Participation for Students With Disabilities, Roddy Theobald, Jay Plasman, Michael Gottfried, Trevor Gratz, Kristian Holden, Dan Goldhaber
  • Shifting Dominant Narratives of Teacher Development: New Directions for Expanding Access to the Educator Workforce Through Grow Your Own Programs, Conra D. Gist
  • Beyond the Headlines: Trends and Future Directions in the School Closure Literature, Eve L. Ewing, Terrance L. Green
  • Toward Nonbinary Theories of Practice in Teacher Education Research, Sarah Schneider Kavanagh
  • Promoting Knowledge Accumulation About Intervention Effects: Exploring Strategies for Standardizing Statistical Approaches and Effect Size Reporting, Joseph A. Taylor, Terri Pigott, Ryan Williams
  • Live Instruction Predicts Engagement in K–12 Remote Learning, Stephen J. Aguilar, Hernan Galperin, Clare Baek, Eduardo Gonzalez
  • Teachers’ Working Hours During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dora Gicheva
  • Addressing Our Nation’s Toxic School Infrastructure in the Wake of COVID-19, Erika M. Kitzmiller, Akira Drake Rodriguez

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mot(s) clé(s) :  besoins éducatifs particuliers, formation des enseignants, inégalités, situation de crise et pandémie