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Encyclopaideia (EnCP)

Référence :  Vol. 25, n°61, décembre 2021



  • Paulo Freire: Remembrance and Hope, Jorge Osorio Vargas


  • Adolescences. Cultural upstream directions for a pedagogical view of adolescence, Pierangelo Barone, Alessandro Tolomelli, Fulvia Antonelli
  • Evolution of a concept. Postmodern adolescence, Pierangelo Barone
  • Adolescence does not exist. Guidelines for a Pedagogical Problematicism of adolescence, Alessandro Tolomelli
  • The unequal dimensions of adolescence. An analysis through the lens of social class, Fulvia Antonelli
  • Migrant youth. Challenges to the reception and inclusion of young people ‘in transit’, Marta Salinaro
  • Adolescent desires. Between teen dramas, online pornography and sexual fluidity, Giuseppe Burgio


  • First year experiences of emergence remote learning at a university, Lawrence Meda
  • Theater, Childhood, Education, Roberto Farnè
  • Colonialism and decolonization in the writings of Paulo Freire, Mariateresa Muraca


  • Daniele Bruzzone, Lucia Zannini (a cura di), Sfidare i tabù della cura. Percorsi di formazione emotiva dei professionisti, Franco Angeli, Milano, ISBN 9788835110743, 163 pagine, 2021, Natascia Bobbo
  • Elena Madrussan, Formazione e musica. L’ineffabile significante nel quotidiano giovanile, Mimesis, Milano, ISBN 9788857574790, 182 pagine, 2021, Irene Papa

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mot(s) clé(s) :  éducation culturelle, artistique et musicale, éducation physique, sportive et à la santé, enfance, adolescence, jeunesse