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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 53, n°6, novembre 2021

  • The textbook task as a genre, Jonas Bakken & Emilia Andersson-Bakken
  • The legitimization of textbook reform: Strategies and challenges in China, Shuqin Xu
  • Multilevel design considerations for vocational curricula at the boundary of school and work, Erica Bouw, Ilya Zitter & Elly de Bruijn
  • Exploring the perceived learning of ‘students as researchers’ through two theoretical lenses, Tuva Bjørkvold & Erik Ryen
  • Who buys into curricular reforms and why? Investigating predictors of reform ratings from teachers in Germany, Nicolas Hübner, Corey Savage, Cornelia Gräsel & Albrecht Wacker
  • Rethinking teacher agency: cybernetics, action research, and the process-oriented rationality, Sun Young Lee
  • Designing education democratically through deliberative crowdsourcing: the case of the Finnish curriculum for basic education, Laura Säily, Rauno Huttunen, Hannu L. T. Heikkinen, Tomi Kiilakoski & Tiina Kujala
  • Rethinking society and knowledge in Finnish social studies textbooks, Petteri Hansen & Mikko Puustinen

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