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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 42, n°8, novembre 2021

  • On reductions – examining a British-Bourdieusian sociology of education, Tim Winzler
  • The effects of managerialism in higher education on doctoral theorising: time to think?, Nick Pratt & Julie Shaughnessy
  • Young pupils’ articulations of time spent in school in the wake of a policy reform, Mikkel Kjer, Tea Bengtsson & Chantal Nielsen
  • How African Nova Scotians envision culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogy as civic repair, Johanne Jean-Pierre
  • Parental choice, collective identity and neoliberalism in alternative education: new free democratic schools in Poland, Marcin Starnawski & Katarzyna Gawlicz
  • The making of male reader identities across generations: assemblages of rural places in shaping life as a male reader in Australia and Sweden, Laura Scholes & Stig-Börje Asplund
  • Network governance and new philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean: reconfiguration of the State, D. Brent Edwards Jr., Alejandro Caravaca & Mauro C. Moschetti
  • Restorative practices for preventing/countering violent extremism: an affective-discursive examination of extreme emotional incidents, Samantha Schulz, Melanie Baak, Garth Stahl & Ben Adams
  • Beyond empowerment: student self-assessment as a form of resistance, Juuso Henrik Nieminen
  • Cultural capital and elite university attendance in China, Anning Hu & Xiaogang Wu

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mot(s) clé(s) :  sociologie de l'éducation

catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation