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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 53, n°5, octobre 2021

  • The role of opportunity to learn in ethnic inequality in mathematics, William H. Schmidt, Siwen Guo & Richard T. Houang
  • In-service Zimbabwean teachers’ obstacles in integrating ethnomathematics approaches into the teaching and learning of geometry, Gladys Sunzuma & Aneshkumar Maharaj
  • Principles for the design of a fully-resourced, coherent, research-informed school mathematics curriculum, Colin Foster, Tom Francome, Dave Hewitt & Chris Shore
  • Analysis of the intended mathematics curriculum revision process in Mozambique from the perspective of relevance, Satoshi Kusaka, Ismael Cassamo Nhêze & Takuya Baba
  • Risk aversion in a performativity culture – what can we learn from teachers’ curriculum decision making in history?, Richard Harris
  • Investigating students’ perceptions concerning textbook use in mathematics: a comparative study of secondary schools between Shanghai and England, Yi Wang & Lianghuo Fan
  • Intentional, tacit, contingent: knowledge recontextualization in the official History curriculum - a Critical Discourse Analysis, Siobhan Dickens
  • Enacting curriculum ‘in a good way:’ Indigenous knowledge, pedagogy, and worldviews in British Columbia music education classes, Anita Prest, J. Scott Goble, Hector Vazquez-Cordoba & Beth Tuinstra

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