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International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 43, n°16, octobre 2021

  • Upper secondary students’ situational interest in physics learning in Finland and Chile, Jari Lavonen, Beatrice Ávalos, Katja Upadyaya, Sebastián Araneda, Kalle Juuti, Patricio Cumsille, Janna Inkinen & Katariina Salmela-Aro
  • Critical thinking in electricity and magnetism: assessing and stimulating secondary school students, Jan Sermeus, M. De Cock & J. Elen
  • Exploring opportunities to incorporate systems thinking into secondary and tertiary chemistry education through practitioner perspectives, Seamus Delaney, Joseph Paul Ferguson & Madeleine Schultz
  • Gender, stereotypes and grade level in the draw-a-scientist test in Italian schoolchildren, P. Bozzato, M.F. Fabris & C. Longobardi
  • Teaching socio-scientific issues through integrated STEM education: an effective practical averment from Indonesian science lessons, Bevo Wahono, Chun-Yen Chang & NGUYEN Thi To Khuyen
  • What students’ diagrams reveal about their sense-making of plate tectonics in lower secondary science, Felicity McLure, Mihye Won & David F. Treagust

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