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The Elementary School Journal (ESJ)

Référence :  Vol. 122, n°1, septembre 2021

Thème :  Educators meet the fifth estate: social media in education


  • Educators Meet the Fifth Estate: Social Media in Education: Elementary School Journal Special Issue, Kaitlin Torphy Knake, Alan J. Daly, Kenneth A. Frank, Martin Rehm, and Christine Greenhow

  • Becoming a Better Teacher through Online Teacherpreneurship?: Factors Influencing Online Teacherpreneurs’ Perceived Gains in Teaching Practice, Catharyn Shelton, Tray Geiger, and Leanna Archambault

  • Eight Tweeters Tweeting: The Writing Processes of Second Graders Composing with Social Media, Holly Marich, Diana Brandon, Christine Greenhow, and Douglas K. Hartman

  • Pinterest Curation and Student Achievement: The Effects of Elementary Mathematics Resources on Students’ Learning over Time, Kaitlin Torphy Knake, Zixi Chen, Xiuqi Yang, and Jordan Tait

  • Educational Research in the Twenty-First Century: Leveraging Big Data to Explore Teachers’ Professional Behavior and Educational Resources Accessed within Pinterest, Kaitlin Torphy Knake, Hamid Karimi, Sihua Hu, Kenneth A. Frank, and Jiliang Tang

  • The Social Continuum of Educational Leadership: Exploring the Offline and Online Social Networks of Elementary Principals, Martin Rehm, Alan Daly, Peter Bjorklund, Yi-Hwa Liou, and Miguel del Fresno

  • Commentary: New Paradigms for Understanding Elementary Teachers’ Interactions with Instructional Materials, Corey Drake

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mot(s) clé(s) :  culture médiatique et numérique, enseignement primaire (ou école élémentaire)