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British Journal of Special Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 48, n°3, septembre 2021

  • Implementing co-teaching with paraprofessionals to provide pre-Kindergarten students with special rights access to dual language, Kathleen M. Farrand, Megan T. Deeg
  • Experiences of students with visual impairments in higher education: barriers and facilitators, Tahsin Firat
  • The transition to adulthood for autistic young people with additional learning needs: the views and experiences of education professionals in special schools, Laura Crane, Jade Davies, Anne Fritz, Sarah O’Brien, Alison Worsley, Maria Ashworth, Anna Remington
  • Teaching assistants' facilitators and barriers to effective practice working with children with ADHD: a qualitative study, Charlotte W. Greenway, Alison Rees Edwards
  • Adapting Active Support Interactive Training to a special school context to upskill classroom staff and increase engagement in pupils, Ceridwen Evans, Sandy Toogood, Stephanie Owen-Leeds, Leusa Dwyfor, Shabreen Jorammanawar, Nour Issa, J. Carl Hughes
  • Points from the SENCo-Forum: The SENCo-Forum – how it began and continued, K. Wedell
  • Politics Page, John Perry

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