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Journal of Psychological and Educational Research - JPER (JPER)

Référence :  Vol. 29, n°2, mai 2021

  • School communication strategies improve schools' surroundings’ safety: the moderation of students’ participation and anti-bullying programs in northern Italy, Perasso, G., Barone, L., & Health Behaviour in School Aged Children Lombardy Group Pages 7-33
  • Assessment the loneliness of Slovak adolescents: adaptation of the Social and Emotional Loneliness Scale for Adults (SELSA-S) to adolescents and verification of psychometric attributes in the Slovak version, Lichner, V., Žiaková, E., & DiTommaso, E. Pages 34-56
  • Applying a step-wise approach in writing a psychobiography. The case of Beethoven, Jareño Gómez, A., Chiclana Actis, C., & Noriega García, C. Pages 57-71
  • Interpretation of statistical concepts in psychology: knowledge level and effects of an instructional design in Peruvian university students, Tafur-Mendoza, A. A., Peña-Calero, B. N., Aliaga Guanilo, C. D., Moreau Almaraz, C. A., Ramírez-Bontá, F. C., Garcia-Serna, J. E., & Meza-Chahuara, O. E. Pages 72-96
  • A cross-cultural evaluation of children’s drawings of gender role stereotypes in Italian and Cambodian students, Bozzato, P., & Longobardi, C. Pages 97-115
  • Are our children engaged with school in the era of COVID-19?, Canet-Juric, L., Gelpi Trud, R., Gall, J. I., López-Morales, H., del Valle, M., & Andrés, M. L. Pages 116-139
  • The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy in Wilson's disease: single subject experiment, Roman, O. T. Pages 140-153
  • The Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory (CHEXI): psychometric properties and association with academic achievement in Kenyan first graders, Amukune, S., & Józsa, K. Pages 154-176
  • Academic engagement predicts flourishing among students in online learning setup: the mediating role of psychological needs, Montano, R. L. T. Pages 177-196

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mot(s) clé(s) :  psychologie de l'éducation