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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 56, n°4, décembre 2021

Thème :  Perspectives in school inequalities through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic



  • How the societal lockdown in 2020 revealed structural educational inequalities, Romain Delès, Filippo Pirone


  • Education and digital inequalities during COVID-19 confinement: From the perspective of teachers in the French speaking Community of Belgium, Natacha Duroisin, Romain Beauset, Chloé Tanghe
  • School closures in France in 2020: Inequalities and consequences for perceptions, practices and relationships towards and within schools, Filippo Pirone
  • Insecurity, lack of support, and frustration: A sociological analysis of how three groups of students reflect on their distance education during the pandemic in Sweden, Ida Lidegran, Elisabeth Hultqvist, Emil Bertilsson, Mikael Börjesson
  • The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in primary schools in the Czech Republic: Parental perspectives, Irena Smetackova, Stanislav Stech
  • Families between care, education and work: The effects of the pandemic on educational inequalities in Italy and Milan, Marta Cordini, Gianluca De Angelis
  • Stay home and be unfair: The amplification of inequalities among families with young children during COVID-19, Marco Pitzalis, Emanuela Spanò
  • COVID-19 school closures and cumulative disadvantage: Assessing the learning gap in formal, informal and non-formal education, Sheila González, Xavier Bonal
  • Parental involvement in remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic—Dominant approaches and their diverse implications, Tomasz Knopik, Anna Błaszczak, Renata Maksymiuk, Urszula Oszwa
  • A systematic literature review of participatory design studies involving teachers, Ari Tuhkala
  • Integrated framework model for the leadership role of principals in inclusive education, David Scheer
  • Sustainable development goals in the English language high school curriculum in Turkey, Sezen Arslan, Samantha Curle

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