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Educational Researcher (ER)

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°8, novembre 2021

  • Both Questionable and Open Research Practices Are Prevalent in Education Research, Matthew C. Makel, Jaret Hodges, Bryan G. Cook, and Jonathan A. Plucker
  • Students’ Civic Online Reasoning: A National Portrait, Joel Breakstone, Mark Smith, Sam Wineburg, Amie Rapaport, Jill Carle, Marshall Garland, and Anna Saavedra
  • Do Peers Affect Undergraduates’ Decisions to Switch Majors?, Shi Pu, Yu Yan, and Liang Zhang
  • Contentious Cogovernance and Prefiguration: A Framework for Analyzing Social Movement–State Relations in Public Education, Rebecca Tarlau
  • From Producing to Reducing Trauma: A Call for “Trauma-Informed” Research(ers) to Interrogate How Schools Harm Students, Robert Petrone and Christine Rogers Stanton
  • Teachers Learning to Implement Equitable Classroom Talk,, Bryant Jensen, Guadalupe Valdés, and Ronald Gallimore
  • Rethinking Learning: What the Interdisciplinary Science Tells Us Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Carol D. Lee, Roy Pea, and Maxine McKinney de Royston
  • Patterns in the Pandemic Decline of Public School Enrollment, Thomas S. Dee and Mark Murphy
  • What Does “Below Basic” Mean on NAEP Reading? Thomas G. White, John P. Sabatini, and Sheida White

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