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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°3, novembre 2021

Thème :  Special Issue on the Educational Value of Monuments

  • In memoriam: The who, how, where and when of statues, Angela H. Hobbs
  • Monumental changes: The civic harm argument for the removal of Confederate monuments, Timothy J. Barczak, Winston C. Thompson
  • Colonial monuments as slurring speech acts, Arianne Shahvisi
  • Monuments and monsters: Education, cultural heritage and sites of conscience, Christine Sypnowich
  • What is an appropriate educational response to controversial historical monuments?, Michael S. Merry, Anders Schinkel
  • Iconoclasm, monuments, art: Stacy Boldrick interviewed by Lily Jean, Lily Jean
  • ‘Please don't destroy until it's completely destroyed’: Arts of education towards democracy, SunInn Yun
  • Curating the forensic gaze in traumatic memorial sites: Recalibrating the sense of materiality in Santiago's Londres‐38, Mario Di Paolantonio
  • ‘Look on my works ye mighty…’: Iconoclasm, education and the fate of statues, Robert A. Davis

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