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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 56, n°2, juin 2021

Thème :  Expansion and retrenchment of internationalisation in higher education: Theories, methods and data

  • Purposive design or ecology? A critique of teleological perspectives on internationalisation in higher education, Tatiana Fumasoli
  • Research on internationalisation and globalisation in higher education—Reflections on historical paths, current perspectives and future possibilities, Jenny J. Lee, Bjørn Stensaker
  • The futures of cooperation in European governance: Brexit and the European knowledge policies, Amélia Veiga
  • Varieties of collaboration: On the influence of funding schemes on forms and characteristics of international collaborative research projects (ICRPs), Anna Kosmützky, Romy Wöhlert
  • The role of higher education institutions in transnational networks for teaching and learning innovation: The case of the Erasmus+ programme, Tatiana Fumasoli, Federica Rossi
  • An internationalised Europe and regionally focused Americas: A network analysis of higher education studies, Aliakbar Akbaritabar, Giovanni Barbato
  • Internationalisation by demarcating the role of higher education in Sustainable Development Goals: The case of Israel, Miri Yemini
  • Brokers of international student mobility: The roles and processes of education agents in China, Siyuan Feng, Hugo Horta
  • European academic brain drain: A meta‐synthesis, Jawaria Khan
  • Horizontal Europeanisation among mobile doctoral candidates in the context of the European Union and the European Research Area, Gregor Schäfer
  • Mobilising international student mobility: Exploring policy enactments in teacher education in Norway, Tea Dyred Pedersen
  • Excellence seekers, pragmatists, or sceptics: Ways of applying performance‐based research funding systems at new universities and university colleges in Sweden, Ulrika Haake, Charlotte Silander
  • Motives for dropping out from higher education—An analysis of bachelor's degree students in Germany, Andreas Behr, Marco Giese, Herve D. Teguim Kamdjou, Katja Theune

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