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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°1, février 2021

Thème :  Political Education for Human Transformation

  • What is an Educational Good? Theorising Education as Degrowth, ALEXANDER H. JONES
  • Response and Responsibility: Rethinking Accountability in Education, ALISON M. BRADY
  • The Care of Our Hybrid Selves: Towards a Concept of Bildung For Digital Times, JESPER AAGAARD
  • The Gender Wars, Academic Freedom and Education, JUDITH SUISSA, ALICE SULLIVAN
  • An Aristotelian Defence of Affirmative Action: Alasdair MacIntyre, Sandra Day O'Connor and Grutter v. Bollinger, NEIL DHINGRA, CAMPBELL SCRIBNER
  • Hegel and Niethammer on the Educational Practice in Civil Society, KRISTINA BOSAKOVA, MARINA F. BYKOVA
  • Education for Self‐Forgiveness as a Part of Education for Forgiveness, JAROSŁAW HOROWSKI
  • Rethinking Nature and Nurture in Education, JACK MARLEY‐PAYNE
  • Intellectual Doping and Pharmaceutical Cognitive Enhancement in Education: Some Ethical Questions, ZDENKO KODELJA
  • Nietzsche, Eternal Recurrence and Education: The Role of the Great Cultivating Thought in the Art of Self‐Cultivation (Bildung), STEVEN A. STOLZ
  • Feats of Strength for Weak Utopianism: Giorgio Agamben, Educational Potentiality and the Studious Spatiality of the Active Learning Classroom, MICHAEL P. A. MURPHY
  • Out of Love for Any Thing? A Response to Vlieghe and Zamojski on Some Pedagogical Problems with an Object‐Oriented ‘Educational Love’, ALEXIS GIBBS, ELIZABETH O'BRIEN

Political Education for Human Transformation

  • Introduction to the Suite: Political Education for Human Transformation, NAOKO SAITO, SANDRA LAUGIER
  • Undoing Whiteness: A Political Education of One's Experience
  • Mori Akira's Education for Self‐Awareness: Lessons from the Kyoto School for Mindful Education, ANTON SEVILLA‐LIU
  • Film as Moral Education, SANDRA LAUGIER

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