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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°5, novembre 2020

  • Editorial, Emma Williams
  • Learning from MacIntyre about Learning: Finding Room for a Second‐Person Perspective?, JOSEPH DUNNE
  • Is Inquiry Learning Unjust? Cognitive Load Theory and the Democratic Ends of Education, NICOLAS TANCHUK
  • Agency and Sovereignty: Georges Bataille's Anti‐Humanist Conception of Child, SHARON HUNTER
  • Private Schools and Queue‐jumping: A reply to White, IAN JAMES KIDD, MARK JAGO
  • What is an Academic Judgement?, GEOFFREY HINCHLIFFE
  • Good Faith and Trustworthiness in University Governance, A. SCOTT CARSON
  • Poetics of the Encyclopaedia: Knowledge, Pedagogy and Research Today, SOYOUNG LEE
  • Sustaining What is Valuable: Contours of an Educational Language About Values, LOVISA BERGDAHL, ELISABET LANGMANN
  • Seeing Trees: Investigating Poetics of Place‐Based, Aesthetic Environmental Education with Heidegger and Wittgenstein, JEFFREY A. STICKNEY
  • American Philosophy, Translation and the Time of the Pandemic: A Rejoinder to Ruth Heilbronn and Adrian Skilbeck, NAOKO SAITO

The Educational Value of Monuments

  • What Might Sustain the Activism of This Moment? Dismantling White Supremacy, One Monument at a Time, LISA M. PERHAMUS, CLARENCE W. JOLDERSMA
  • Monuments after Empire? The Educational Value of Imperial Statues, PENNY ENSLIN

Symposium on Educational Goods: Values, Evidence, and Decision‐Making

  • Educational Goods: Values, Evidence, and Decision‐Making—A Summary, HARRY BRIGHOUSE, HELEN F. LADD, SUSANNA LOEB, ADAM SWIFT
  • Deciding for Others, JOHN TILLSON
  • Considering Epistemic Violence, Scarcity and Student Voice in Relation to Educational Goods, CAROLINE BAGELMAN
  • On Extending the Educational Goods Framework, WINSTON C. THOMPSON
  • Two Worries about Educational Goods,  MICHAEL HAND
  • Educational Goods and the Ethical Dimensions of Educational Policy and Practice, RANDALL CURREN

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