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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°4, aout 2020

Thème :  Problematising ‘Transformative’ Environmental Education in a Climate Crisis

  • Problematising ‘Transformative’ Environmental Education in a Climate Crisis, JEFF STICKNEY, ADRIAN SKILBECK
  • Section 1 Environmental Sustainability Education in Teacher Education and Policy, Adrian Skilbeck, Jeff Stickney
  • A Discussion of Critical Issues in Environmental Education: An Interview with Dianne Saxe, KAREN S. ACTON, DIANNE SAXE
  • What Ought to Be Done to Promote Education for Sustainability in Teacher Education?, NEUS (SNOWY) EVANS
  • Emerging Praxis of Environmental and Sustainability Education in Teacher Education in Canada, HILARY INWOOD
  • The Cruel Optimism of Transformative Environmental Education, CLAUDIA RUITENBERG
  • Researching Environmental and Sustainability Education Policy: Slumbers and Awakenings, ALAN REID
  • Section 2 Self‐directed Multidisciplinary Learning and Anti‐Consumerism Education, Adrian Skilbeck, Jeff Stickney
  • The Climate Emergency and the Transformed School, JOHN WHITE
  • Are Students Becoming Consumerist Learners?, TREVOR NORRIS
  • Section 3 Philosophical Registers for Addressing Environmental Crises, Adrian Skilbeck, Jeff Stickney
  • Environmental Ethics and Ontologies: Humanist or Posthumanist? The Case for Constrained Pluralism, ANDREW STABLES
  • Non‐Human Animals and Educational Policy: Philosophical Post‐humanism, Critical Pedagogy, and Ecopedagogy, KAI HORSTHEMKE
  • A Critical Reflection on Environmental Education During the COVID‐19 Pandemic, HEESOON BAI
  • Exhausted: Education and the Response to the Planetary Crisis, PAUL STANDISH
  • Environmental Education and Children's Agency at the Time of the Anthropocene, ANNA KOUPPANOU
  • ‘A thin net over an abyss’: Greta Thunberg and the Importance of Words in Addressing the Climate Crisis, ADRIAN SKILBECK
  • Discerning Hope: Intra‐Actions of a Philosophy for Children Workshop and the Eco‐Socially Just Potential of Practising Hope, ROSAMONDE BIRCH

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