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Review of Education

Référence :  Vol.8, n°2, juin 2020

  • Assessment of Creativity in K‐12 Education: A Scoping Review, Benjamin Bolden, Christopher DeLuca, Tiina Kukkonen, Suparna Roy, Judy Wearing
  • Making Visible Awareness in Practice: Literacy Educators in Diverse Classrooms, Patriann Smith, Tala Karkar, Jessica Varner, Anita Nigam, Beverly Finch
  • The Effectiveness of Pre‐sessional EAP Programmes in UK Higher Education: A Review of the Evidence, William S. Pearson
  • Death and dying: A systematic review into approaches used to support bereaved children
  • David A. Duncan
  • Variables Related to Academic Help‐Seeking Behaviour in Higher Education – Findings from a Multidisciplinary Perspective, Madeleine Bornschlegl, Kathryn Meldrum, Nerina J. Caltabiano
  • Systematic literature review of primary‒secondary transitions: International research, Divya Jindal‐Snape, Elizabeth F. S. Hannah, Dianne Cantali, William Barlow, Stephen MacGillivray
  • What is the evidence on the best way to get evidence into use in education?, Stephen Gorard, Beng Huat See, Nadia Siddiqui
  • Dropping out of university: a literature review, Andreas Behr, Marco Giese, Herve D. Teguim Kamdjou, Katja Theune

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