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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°2, juin 2020

Thème :  School leadership: A changing landscape in policy and practices

  • School leadership in unpredictable times, Edith Hooge, Beatriz Pont
  • The nature of leadership is changing, Michael Fullan
  • Leading school and system improvement: Why context matters, Alma Harris
  • The development of school leadership practices for 21st century schools, Steve Munby
  • The school leader is a make‐or‐break factor of increased school autonomy, Edith Hooge
  • A literature review of school leadership policy reforms, Beatriz Pont
  • Between legal requirements and local traditions in school improvement reform in Austria: School leaders as gap managers, Mariella Knapp
  • The role of school leadership in Singapore's future‐ready school reform, David Foo Seong Ng, Choun Pei Wong
  • Principals supporting teacher leadership: The effects of learning‐centred leadership on teacher leadership practices with the mediating role of teacher agency, Mehmet Şükrü Bellibaş, Sedat Gümüş, Ali Çağatay Kılınç
  • Fostering collaborative teacher learning: A typology of school leadership, -Patrick van Schaik, Monique Volman, Wilfried Admiraal, Wouter Schenke
  • Embedding inquiry‐based practices in schools: The strategic role of school leaders, Femke Geijsel, Wouter Schenke, Jan van Driel, Monique Volman
  • The association between homework and primary school children's academic achievement. International evidence from PIRLS and TIMSS, John Jerrim, Luis Alejandro Lopez‐Agudo, Oscar D. Marcenaro‐Gutierrez
  • Matching between students and universities: What are the sources of inequalities of access to higher education?, Ilya Prakhov, Denis Sergienko
  • Novice teachers in the Czech Republic and their drop‐out intentions, -Světlana Hanušová, Michaela Píšová, Tomáš Kohoutek, Eva Minaříková, Stanislav Ježek, Tomáš Janík, Jan Mareš, Miroslav Janík
  • International student mobility in a German and Portuguese university: Which factors in the host institution matter?, Heiko Haase, Mario Franco, Eugénia Pedro

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