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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°2, avril 2020

Thème :  Teaching and Learning: Epistemic, Metaphysical and Ethical Dimensions

  • Teaching and Learning: Epistemic, Metaphysical and Ethical Dimensions—Introduction, DAVID BAKHURST
  • Human Life, Rationality and Education, ANDREA KERN
  • Teaching, Freedom and the Human Individual, SEBASTIAN RÖDL
  • Teaching, Telling and Technology, DAVID BAKHURST
  • Lines of Testimony, PAUL STANDISH
  • How Young Children Learn from Others, HENRIKE MOLL
  • Show and Tell: Demonstration as Practical Testimony, BEN KOTZEE
  • Practical Knowledge and Habits of Mind, WILL SMALL
  • Educating for Intellectual Humility and Conviction, DUNCAN PRITCHARD
  • Honing Practical Judgement, JONATHAN DANCY
  • The Case of M and D in Context: Iris Murdoch, Stanley Cavell and Moral Teaching and Learning, LESLEY JAMIESON
  • Cognitive Goods, Open Futures and the Epistemology of Education, J. ADAM CARTER
  • Heidegger, Technology and Education, KURT C. M. MERTEL

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